Cows, Bugs & Aardvarks // CD Song Notes

  • There's A Cow Parked In My Driveway - Larry Olson, David Brown and I made this song up. Now I'm known as the 'Cow Pie Guy' to kids in many parts of the US.

  • It Starts With An 'A' I learned it in Everett, Washington from a group of 3rd graders after I misspelled this mammal's name.

  • My Brother Eats Bugs My friend Hans Mayer and his friend Frank Goser made up this universally loved song. My own brother, actually, doesn't eat bugs.

  • Grandma's Covers Jamie's great grandmother made this quilt. Jamie gave it this name. They didn't share much time here but this quilt is their connection.

  • Aardvarks Are Our Friends 'Swede' from Spokane sang this classic for us and we've loved it ever since. My son Jonathan can sing it in less than 7 seconds.

  • Genevieve This song is from the play 'Madeline's Rescue' in which Jamie played the title role. Genevieve is the adopted dog that runs away into the streets of Paris and this is Madeline's lament.

  • Under My Bed Another wonderful song from Hans and Frank.
    LaMama Candy and I created this parody of 'La Bamba' with our daughter Jamie when she was three years old. Incidentally, my mother-in-law has decided it's OK to marry a musician.

  • Moose At Rainbow Trail the camp dogs have a pretty good life. The kids and I made up a song for Moose, a fun loving pooch that didn't always follow the camp dog rules.

  • On the Bus I made this up with Jonathan's kindergarten friends at Parkview.

  • * Goodnight To the Moon and Stars Candy started this lullaby when we lived in Nashville. It just grew into a song. Hans Peterson plays the piano and CJ and Evie Groseth sing with us.

  • Down the Trail I wrote this for Adams Elementary School and their nature trail. John Nieman plays the fun fiddle and Jamie and Jonathan help out.

  • * Previously realeased on After School (Dakota Road Music). All songs © James Hersch Music except There's A Cow Parked In My Driveway © Dakota Road Music, My Brother Eats Bugs © Myther Music, Under My Bed © Myther Music and Genevieve © Mel Marvin.
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