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Music for the margins: bridging campus and community with music.

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Turning noisy brainstorms into songs. Mixing literacy, vocabulary and music.

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In 2009 and 2012, a song a week. A lot of faith, comments, followers, discipline and sweat.


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Black Hills

i'll do my best

I wait in a barn for groups of kids. They're shepherded to me by counselors for a songwriting experience. I never let myself get ahead of the moment; never decide in my mind what song we'll write before they arrive. I know they'll have something to say. We'll make a song together in 30 minutes and sing it for the camp in an hour. All I can do is believe in it and do my best.

Forest Lake

The Generosity of Spirit

Today I saw some part of myself. The thirteen year old in my songwriting group has distinct views about how he wants his music to sound, and truth be told, is far ahead of thirteen year old me. He wields an electric guitar that tells the truth. But he listens too. He is just as jazzed by the ideas of others as he is about making his own ideas known. I've watched as my young songwriters honor each other with their generous compliments, and by their joy when another moves the group forward with an idea. I have been blessed by these 8 young people in my songwriting workshop.

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